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Waterproofing | Gutters | Ceilings | Roof Repairs | New Roofs | Skylights | Roof Painting

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Waterproofing | Gutters | Ceilings | Roof Repairs | New Roofs | Skylights | Roof Painting

We Do It All!

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Waterproofing | Gutters | Ceilings | Roof Repairs | New Roofs | Skylights | Roof Painting

We Do It All!

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Waterproofing | Gutters | Ceilings | Roof Repairs | New Roofs | Skylights | Roof Painting

We Do It All!

Rainbow Waterproofing & Roof Repairs PTY (Ltd)

Rainbow Waterproofing and Roof Repairs was established in June 2013 by Allen van Deventer.
The concept of providing a personal service to the residential, commercial and building industries.

Rainbow Waterproofing and Roof Repairs always provides personal attention and hand on involvement of the director in every contract awarded to the company. If required, the director will personally manage an entire project.

Rainbow Waterproofing and Roof Repairs make custom made and repair skylights to suit your every need. We can also repair any hail or storm damaged skylights.

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Colorlume Coated Coil
Colorlume is a pre-painted Aluminium-zinc coated steel with a distinctive smooth, flat fine spangle. The coating composition by weight is 55% aluminium and the balance zinc alloys applied by the continuous hot-dip coating process, similar to that of continuous galvanizing.

It has both aluminium-unique corrosion resistance, heat resistance and zinc-unique “galvanic behavior”. Worldwide, Colorlume is used in white goods industry, automotive parts, roofing products, rainwater goods etc. and can be produced in a variety of specs from soft drawing quality to high tensile roof sheeting.

Aluminium Coated Coil
Coated (pre-painted) aluminium coil, is painted with colours before it is cut, bent or punched; therefore it differs from spray painting (powder coating). 70% Of metallic materials used on the surface of buildings are pre-painted.

Coating line is specialised for aluminium coil, working automatically, continuously and effectively, the coating is stable and smooth. Both sides of the coil could be coated with 2 layers at the same time, to avoid the coil from being over-baked.

Ceiling Installations & Repairs

Rhinolite Ceilings
Plastered smooth ceilings painted to clients specification.

Rhinoboard Bishop Strip Ceilings
Standard ceilings painted to clients specification.

Knotty Pine Ceilings
Wooden slat type ceilings.

Polystyrene cornice installation and repairs:
We repair sections of damaged cornices or we can supply and install new cornices.

Roofing Services – Repairs

With years of experience covering every possible type of roof, Visable Improvements offers roofing repairs to almost any kind of roof.

We do repairs to Tile roofs, Slate roofs, Harvey tiles roofs, IBR roofs, Corrugated Iron roofs, Polycarb roofs, Flat roofs, Concrete roofs and Waterproofing roofs all domestic and industrial roofing types.

We construct any new roofs according to plans supplied or engineers specifications and can also restore existing structures to original or better conditions. Should you require an engineers report, we will happily refer you to one and we will then repair the roof according to his report and specifications.

We do alterations and additions to any existing structure of roof.

As part of a roof maintenance agreement, a professional roofing consultant can perform periodic inspections and recommend that minor problems be corrected before they become troublesome.

Repair Roof

After inspection of roof a report of general roof condition is submitted to the owner after each inspection, with recommendations for immediate and future action needed.

Our work or remedial work to roof trusses is issued with a guarantee.

Whether it’s the roof on your home that’s leaking, or your factory roof that needs new insulation, we repair your roof to make it as good as new.

To get a quote for roof repairs, or to speak to one of our consultants, simply fill out the form here, and we’ll contact you directly

Torch On Waterproofing Systems
  • Thermoflex APP 3mm and 4mm, APP modified bitumen, torch on membrane made in SA
       for SA conditions.
  • Thermoflex Primer, Bitumen primer for use on concrete substrates prior to heat fusing
       torch on products. COLOUR: black
  • Reflect SP (Silver paint), Solvent based bituminous aluminum coating for bitumen base
       substrates UV stable. COLOUR: silver
Cementinious Waterproofing Systems
  • Polyfelt, Woven polypropylene membrane used in conjunction with cementious products.
       COLOUR: Grey
  • Hypercrete, Latex cement additive used as a waterproofing with POLYFELT or as a plaster modifier
       COLOUR: milky
  • Dampcrete 47, is an excellent waterproofing product consisting of 2 parts that are mixed slowly
       together. 15kg of Dampcrete 47 will create a cementitious waterproofing slurry containing 47% latex
Acrylic Liquid Waterproofing Systems
  • Acrylbit, Acrylic and bitumen blend used with S.B.P. Membrane forms a flexible
       waterproofing. COLOUR: grey or red
  • Bondcryl, Premium grade acrylic waterproofing compound. COLOUR: grey of red
  • Fibreseal, Premium quality fibre reinforced acrylic waterproofing compound.
       Ideal for parapet walls, fishponds and areas of little movement. COLOUR: grey or white
Surface Coatings
  • Bonding Liquid, Water based acrylic bonding liquid and plaster key agent. COLOUR: clear
  • Stormcryl Primer, Solvent based acrylic primer used on bitumen based products. COLOUR: clear
  • Silicone Water Repellant, Silicone solvent based water repellent for brick work, will etch glass,
       COLOUR: clear
  • Damp Doctor
Bitumen Liquid Waterproofing Systems
  • Daraflex Fibre, Fibre filler rubberised bitumen waterproofing compound. COLOUR: black
  • Daraflex/ Bondflex, Rubberised bitumen waterproofing emulsion, use with S.B.P membrane
       for reinforcement, overcoat with reflect for UV stability. COLOUR: black
Slate Underlay
  • Slateflex, Bituminous underlay for slate roofs
Roof Coating
  • Panache, Dulux – Superior quality roof paint that can be used on tiled roofs,
       IBR steel roofs and corrugated iron roofs to enhance the aesthetics of your house as well
       as prolong the lifespan of the roof covering.
  • Red oxide, grey oxide – paint-on primer used on IBR steel roofs and Corrugated iron roofs
       to assist in preventing rust in areas where the roof sheeting is exposed prior to painting.
       COLOUR: Grey or red
  • Daracrul DC4 Primer, Water based, rust inhibiting primer. COLOUR: white
  • Suparoof pure acrylic roof paint, Super grade pure acrylic roof coating, using in conjunction with
       DARACRYL DC4 primer. 5 Year roof paint, for coating metals and tiled roofs.
       COLOUR: black, brown, charcoal, green, grey, red, terracotta and white